Our Solutions

TapRight Chatbots are designed to support any business industries. Merchants can easily customize our TapRight Chatbot according to their needs.The following are the examples explaining how to use chatbots based on the business industry type.



Provide assistance in explaining the Loan schemes, Credit Card schemes, Fixed Deposit plans, Investment plan and Insurance to the customers.


Explain features of your products and services to customers and guide them to place an order online. Instant replies in eCommerce industry helps customer to decide faster & increases the conversion rate.

Customers don’t need to go and search online. Shopping has become more easy with Chatbot.


Travel & Tourism

As a travel guide, our Chatbot understands the traveler needs and recommends the travel packages. Helps traveler to book their hotels, purchase travel insurance and completely assist them to plan their travel.


Patients hate to wait for hours to visit a doctor even for small consultation. Our Chatbot helps to collect the basic information from patient and fixes an appointment with the doctor.

Our Chatbot helps patient to reduce the waiting time and helps doctor to pre-diagnosis the symptoms before the checkup.



Chatbot act as recharge assistant, Troubleshoot assistant, DTH assistent and answers all the customer queries instantly. Our Chatbot never sleeps and works round the clock helps to address all the customers queries and assist them to troubleshoot the problems by themselves


Provides property details from large database of information, guides to take the down payment loan, helps to sell the house. Our Chatbot helps realtors to save time by providing the right information to the customers.



The major drawback in e-learning industry is lack of support. To overcome this our Chatbot act as a tutor helps millions of people around the world. Chatbots are created to minimize the workload of the tutor and not to replace them completely.

Thus TapRight Chatbot platform is flexible enough to create personalised Chatbots for any type of industries based on the business needs.