Our Features

The TapRight Chatbot Platform, a solution for sales and marketing has more unique features



Attract your users by creating beautiful personalized text messages with high quality images. Grab your user attention and engage them by adding call to action button to your messages.

Block contains the below card types,

The Carousel card contains maximum of 9 slides. Each slide contains Image, headline, subheading, URL and a maximum of three buttons.

The Text card helps to send text messages to the user and contains text with a maximum of three buttons.

An Image card helps to send single image to the user.

A Query card helps to ask unlimited question to the user. It allows merchant to enter question and save the response in field name. The query card waits for the user response before sending the next question.


Train your chatbot to understand the user’s questions and reply automatically. Each user thinks and talks differently.

Analyze the maximum possible questions that your users may ask you and create those questions as conversations.

Create reply with attractive text or connect your existing blocks.



A single Chatbot can be integrated with multiple platforms such as Facebook and websites.

Facebook Integration:

If you already own a Facebook page, just connect your Facebook page with Chatbot by simple authentication.

Website Integration:

Do you own a website and want to chat with your visitors? Customize the chat window here, generate the code and paste the code on your website


Chatbot application is an effective communication solution to broadcast your messages anytime and from anywhere. Broadcast feature helps reach out people in bulk.

Broadcast your messages immediately to your customers or just schedule it.

Create broadcast by adding the attractive text or connecting with the existing block.


Growth Tools

Increase your customer base by converting your Facebook Page visitors and the users who sends messages on your page as your subscriber using Growth tool.

The Growth Tool contains 3 types of widgets namely Overlay widgets, Embedded Widgets and Reference Widgets.



Overlay widgets

Bar Widget

The bar overlay widget will display at the top of the website.

Slide In Widget

The slide in overlay widget will display as a slide on the right edge of the website.

Modal Widget

The modal overlay widget will display as a pop up window of the website. They are the secondary window and opens on top of the main window.

Page Takeover Widget

The page takeover widget will display as a full screen pop up of the website.


Embedded Widgets

Button Widget

The button embedded widgets will embedded as a button on your website.

Box Widget

The box embedded widgets will embedded as a box on the right edge of the website.


Reference Widgets

Messenger ref. URL Widget

The users who are clicking this URL will be redirected to the Facebook Messenger page and will automatically become your Facebook Page Subscribers.

Facebook Ads JSON Widget

The users who are clicking your Facebook Ads (Messenger Ads) will automatically taken to the Facebook messenger window and become your Facebook Page subscribers.


Live Chat

Reach your customers directly using this Live Chat tool give your business some advantages over your competition.

Send personalised messages to specific users using this Live Chat feature.

Live Chat feature helps to chat with all of your customers on a single screen.


Analytics provides insights about total number of users, new users, sources of users, broadcast statistics, unmatched user queries and user input statistics.

If the user's query does not match with your predefined conversation then our Chatbot will reply the default message. Get the list of unmatched questions asked by the users using this 'Unmatched user queries report' and fine tune your bot conversations.


Persistent Menu

Persistent Menu is the hierarchical and dynamic menu displays in Facebook Messenger.

Tapright Chatbot platform allows you to create up to 2 main menu items and 5 sub-menu under each main menu.


Delay Settings

Delay Settings is the amount of time display the typing icon indicator to the user in Facebook Messenger.

There is the minimum time delay always based on Facebook message processing time.